Organising your research notes

Getting all your research and ideas organised is dead boring. I started out really well, a bit obsessive really, but now it’s getting on top of me and I’m only a few months in.

A few weeks ago, I found out about Evernote and it seems great. It is a program that can save every idea that pops into your head.

This is starting to sound like an advertisement but it’s not – Evernote is Free.

I have found it really helpful with my internet research; whenever I find anything useful for my work, I just hit the little elephant and it remembers it for me.

You can organise everything into folders, and it is easy to see all your research laid out.

I swear they are not paying me in any way to say this, but if they are reading this, I prefer dark chocolate.

And if anyone has any other secrets to organising your notes, let us know.

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