Free online lectures

19426212_8feba64359I am not a behavioural biologist, but I do need a general understanding of it for my thesis – as well as, to work out what is going on in this photo. So how do I do this?

Well, I could borrow plenty of books and start working it out for myself, which I have to do with a lot of other stuff anyway. But instead I found a great lecture series on YouTube from Stanford.

Online lectures are one way to keep my study practices varied and it will also save me a lot of time. The lecturers are generally very experienced and entertaining (they give me good ideas for my own presentations).

If, like me, there are subjects you need to upgrade your background knowledge, check out the many online lecture series, from fantastic universities all around the world.

Here are a few of my favourites:

Philosophy and the Science of Human Nature

Introduction to Theory of Literature

Creative Writing a Masterclass

Darwin and Design

You can find more, on hundreds of topics, at open culture.


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2 Responses to Free online lectures

  1. gamanrad says:

    Thanks for this. I’m using a blog to upload bits of my thesis which, after three years, has become an unweildy monster clawing and drooling and morphing through tens (almost hundreds) of versions of chapters, and sliding from one topic to another with no real logic. I find the blog is helping me to feel a little less intimidated by the process, as well as giving me somewhere to store a record, as it were, of the journey. All the best and good luck (oh, and I’m commenting here because I’m a pure research student who lives 300 miles from campus, so online stuff is absolutely essential to my progress. Thanks for the links!)

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