Methodologies again

folded-map-1076818-mThe methodology section of my thesis gave me a lot of grief last year. It is very hard to quantify exactly what you are doing when you are really just reading and thinking and writing. But, I now see it as a map of how I approach my work – how I will get from where I am now to the destination of answering my thesis problem/question.

I know there are several of my colleagues working away on their methodology sections at the moment, so I though I’d point you towards a few good posts on the subject by those with a bit more experience than myself.

  • Starting with this one by patter on the difference between methodology and methods.
  • As well as an older post I did with a few links specifically for the humanities.
  • And I know they tell you not to use it, but when all else fails to make it clear – Wikipedia will always have a good description of any given topic.
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3 Responses to Methodologies again

  1. Ashish Dutt says:

    Thanks for the post, Interesting reading

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