Conferences 2014

plane viennaAs serious PhD students we are always being told of the importance of getting ourselves to conferences and getting our work out there. Here are a few conferences that are right up my alley and you might also be interested in this year – both here and overseas:

PopCAANZ (Popular Culture Association of Australia and New Zealand) Conference is in Hobart,  June 2014. The call for papers closes March 1st. It has lots of great areas of interest for the creative writer.

The 13th International Conference on the Short Story in English is on in Vienna, July 2014. Call for papers closes 15th February. Great conference in a great venue.

The 2nd Cognitive Futures in the Humanities is on in April 2014, in Durham , England, and call for papers closed a few weeks ago. It this is your area of expertise, it might be worth contacting  the organizers to see if they can squeeze you in.

Then there’s the always good AAWP conference, which will be in New Zealand this year, in November, no details yet, but watch this space.

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