A little bit of rejection…

3009247448_7d517ab7d0_bI am pretty new to this multiple rejection kind of thing, so it is a little bit painful, and that is only with two rejections, so far.

The rejection letters have been very sweet. Seizure sent a nice one about working your writing muscles. Word Riot said the piece was not right for them but I could try with something else. They are so nicely worded, it makes me wonder if they have different degrees of rejections they send out, from do try again to what the fuck were you thinking, give up, you stink, etc, etc.

Submittable is a new thesis avoiding obsession, as I check it everyday (Ok, several times a day, you never know when it could change), and watch as my stories go from received to in-progress, and then finally declined.

To cheer myself up I did the google thing and found this fabulous post on rejection, which I may read again (and again) whenever necessary. It is a bit daunting to know I have all this rejection ahead of me. Better get on with it I suppose…

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