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Emerging Writers’ Festival

The Emerging Writers’ Festival is starting the 27th May – 6th June. The program is out now. If you’ve been locked away in a tower, writing that great Australian novel, then this is your opportunity to get some air and meet others … Continue reading

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Cormac McCarthy, on Punctuation!

I’m still busy writing up stuff for my 2nd year review, so here is a little, somewhat random, post on Cormac McCarthy’s Three Punctuation Rules. A much overlooked part of the art of creative writing; I think there should be classes … Continue reading

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Melbourne Writers Festival 2013

The Melbourne Writers Festival starts in just 10 days. Unfortunately, most of the workshop sessions are already sold out, but there are still plenty of events to attend, catering for all sort of interests.

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The Perfect Sentence Vortex

  Found this post today from Research Degree Voodoo on the writing process and how to avoid some common traps. This is stuff I was already aware of, but it’s always good to have a reminder.

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500 words a day

My supervisor has set me a challenge. OK, so not so much a challenge, but I see it as a challenge. He asked me what time of the day I felt I did my best writing. I said after lunch. … Continue reading

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Early onset satisfaction – a bad thing for writing and writers

Here is a great post from Pat Thompson on early onset satisfaction. This is the feeling I have when I get up to write something in the middle of the night, and then go back to bed with a little smirk … Continue reading

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What is a creative thesis?

What is a creative thesis? This is a question that probably I thought of when I applied to do a PhD, but surprisingly haven’t given much thought to since. Starting a thesis is like opening Pandora’s Box (childish giggle). I … Continue reading

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How to Break Creative Blocks

Because I haven’t been writing (well, not blogging anyway) for a while, I thought an article on writer’s block might be useful, so here is one from Brain Pickings called How to Break Through Your Creative Block. Hope it helps.

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