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Short Story Conference – Day 5

On Saturday morning I got up bright and early and headed off for the first panel of the morning. However, when I got to the street, I took a right instead of my usual left, on a whim. After a … Continue reading

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One more conference….

One more conference, this time at Melbourne University, in July 2014, is the Literature and Affect Conference. Put on by the Australasian Association of Literature, together with the ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions, it promises to include an … Continue reading

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The Real Neuroscience of Creativity

The neuroscience of creativity still has a long way to go before it can answer exactly what is happening in the brain when we are involved in creative activities, but it is starting to dispel some of the myths and … Continue reading

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Bobby McFerrin plays… the audience!

Here is a lovely little video, where Bobby McFerrin plays the audience, showing how easily we recognise patterns and cognitively create expectation.

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Creativity and Cognition Conference 2013

I found one more conference, and this one is a little closer to home for the Aussies in the audience. The 9th ACM Conference on Creativity and Cognition is on in Sydney, June next year. Calls for papers are now open. … Continue reading

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Creativity and the mind

Fancy a bit more procrastination? Here is one hours-worth from ABC Radio National on creativity and the mind. It may help you get motivated to do some writing. Or it may motivate you to spend a whole day procrastinating about your … Continue reading

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The Forgetting Pill

A large number of people still see memory as a video-type replay of events; but, on a molecular level, the act of recalling an memory is nearly identical to the initial creation of that memory. Every time we remember we … Continue reading

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