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The Interdisciplinary Thesis – Is your PhD a monster?

Thanks to The Thesis Whisperer (again) for a great post on the perils of the interdisciplinary thesis. It is s struggle to keep your thesis on track when you are drawing from a very different discipline – like my creative writing … Continue reading

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Methodology in humanities

According to my supervisor, “reading shit” is not an adequate methodology description. I have struggled with describing the methodology for my work so far. Scientific methodologies are lovely and straightforward compared to those in the humanities. I even find creative … Continue reading

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The History of Emotions Blog

  I have not been much in the blogging frame of mind this week. But I did find this blog – The History of Emotions – which has some interesting reading matter for those interested in literature and the human mind.

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Brian Boyd lecture

Here’s a link to a lecture by Brian Boyd, on Cognitive and Evolutionary Literary Theory. It covers his theories really well and takes about 50 minutes. Also, it’s worth sticking around for the audience questions and comments at the end, … Continue reading

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On Literary Darwinism

I am planning to write my own theory filled blogs, but until then here is a great one On Literary Darwinism. Part of my topic of choice. Love this poster? – here’s the source, thanks.

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Yale Open Courses

There are some excellent courses here, if you have a few spare hours. Each course has at least 24 one-hour lectures, so they are very thorough. I have never formally taken a literary theory class, so I found Paul Fry’s lectures really … Continue reading

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